Sunday, 5 November 2017

iPhone 9 - 2018 Concept

As you’re probably aware, there’s no guarantee that the next iPhone will be called iPhone 9. In fact, there’s a good chance it won’t be.
Still, we’re keeping iPhone 9 in the running because it’s the obvious naming successor to the new iPhone 8.
The main problem is that Apple also used 2017 to announce the iPhone X. The issue is that the X stands for the number 10 – it’s a Roman numeral.

That means trying to flog an iPhone 9 could be seen by consumers as a step backwards, which is something Apple may be keen to avoid.
Alternatively, the device could be called iPhone 8S. Apple has previously used the ‘S’ suffix to denote incremental updates to existing iPhone models, and that’s something 2018 could certainly offer.
We could all see the device named as some variation on the iPhone X. Perhaps we’ll get an iPhone X2, iPhone XS, or iPhone XI.

What we think is most likely is Apple simply ditching numbers altogether, like we saw with the iPad 2 – which was simply dubbed ‘the new iPad’. Scrapping numbers and instead denoting new iPhone models by the release year would be an easy way to tidy up iPhone branding, and possibly reduce consumer

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